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Dress Code Requirements

All Dancers and Faculty are EXPECTED and REQUIRED
to adhere to the following dress code.

  • HAIR: Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail for all classes.  

  • NO JEWELRY, COSTUMES, BAGGY CLOTHES or PLAY CLOTHES: Remember loose or dangling jewelry and costumes other than proper dance skirts are a safety hazard and distraction for dancers and are not allowed. Jeans, jean shorts, play clothes, or school clothes are not suitable dance attire.

  • We recommend that students wear warm-up attire and cover up to and from dance class. And do not wear dance shoes outside.

Girls: Pink or Black Tights, Pink or Black Leotard, Ballet Slippers. Ballet Skirt Optional - Dance Shorts and Form Fitting Tank Acceptable

Boys: Dark dance shorts or pants, White Tshirt or Tank Top

Form Fitting Dance Clothes, Jazz Shoes or Dance Socks

Form Fitting Dance Clothes, Tap Shoes

Form Fitting Dance Clothes (All Black During Cleaning Weeks), Dance Shoes Chosen for Competition

Clothes you can move in, Tennis Shoes

Form Fitting Dance Clothes, Beginning Heels can be character shoes, under 2" heels with ankle support, More advanced dancers can wear taller heels - ALWAYS with ankle support. You can also take this class with bare feet or dance shoes. Knee Pads Highly Recommended

Clothes you can move in. Specific shoes at teachers request

Bare feet. Form Fitting Clothing - leotards recommended

Yoga - Workout Clothes, Bare Feet, Bring your own mat (For Buti Band, Bring a Band and for Buti Hot Core, bring a pair of socks)
Dirty Fit - Workout Clothes, Tennis Shoes

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