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Annual Registration $42

If there is more than one dancer in the family, $37 per dancer


Monthly Fees:

45 minutes per week  $42

1 Hour per week          $47

2 Hours per week        $86 ($43 per hour)

3 Hours per week        $122 ($41 per hour)

4 Hours per week        $154 ($39 per hour)

5 Hours per week        $177 ($36 per hour)

Anything above 6 Hours per week will be $33 per hour


Adult Classes & Fitness Classes:

The Above Monthly fees or

$40 - 3 Class Fitness Punch Pass

$130 - 10 Class Punch Pass

$240 - 20 Class Punch Pass

$15 Single Class

$110 for an Unlimited Month


Adult Competition/Performance Group (1 hr & 15 min. per week) $45 per month

Additional Fees:                                                                                               Competition Class Fees:

Recital Fee for all Recital and Competition Classes $35                              Competition Fees

Workshop Fees and Master Class Fees  (Cost Varies)                                  Costume Fees ($75 per dance/Does not include tights & shoes) 

Costume Fees  ($75 per dance/Does not include tights & shoes)              WarmUps

Tights and Shoes                                                                                                Tights & Shoes

Dance Studio Swag (Clothing)/Bags/Etc)                                                        Recital Fee $35

Studio Photos  $30 per dancer                                                                         Studio Photos $30 per dancer

* Fees are due on the 1st of every month. Late on the 5th with a $10 late fee.

* Our Tuition Policy is that the tuition will be the same amount every month in the season whether there is a holiday/break or not.

Some months have more dates and some less, so it evens out, instead of changing the rate each month. Thank you!

Martial Arts:

Kids Class 45 minutes per week  $65

Adult Class 1.5 Hours per week   $85

Mandatory Additional Costs:

Gi Uniform - Between $28-$40

Testing Fees

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